1. C

    Packing a bag for Academic Semester

    Good evening! I hope you all are doing well. I'm still out and about getting vaccinations and medical things taken care of, and I've nearly gotten everything together for BCT packing, however, I was wondering if anyone has started packing for the academic year as well? I know some cadets who...
  2. H

    Is there going to be a specific packing list?

    Is there going to be a specific packing list for R-day? Or are we supposed to be packing based off of what we have now?
  3. birdwatcher4125

    Uniform patches for Cadet Basic Training

    Greetings to all, My DS and I were reviewing what was left to buy for his BEAST packing list when we realized that we hadn't ordered his extra uniform patches yet. Well, we tried to access the recommended uniform website (, but the website appears to be no-more...
  4. aw4125

    What should or shouldn't I bring to West Point on Acceptance Day? (Opinion)

    Hello everyone! My name is **REMOVED**, and I am lucky enough to have been offered an appointment to West Point! I would like the opinion of current/past cadets on something: What are some things you wish you had brought with you on A-day, and what are some things you think I shouldn't bring? I...
  5. C

    After receiving appointment

    I have recently accepted an appointment from USAFA. I am wondering what I am allowed to bring to the academy, I know I should get boots but can I bring running shoes or a running watch? Do you get to bring any over the counter meds, I know you have to pack light but I'm just curious what I'll be...
  6. 2

    I-Day Packing

    Our packing list specifies that we are to bring 12 pairs of white boxer0briefs and 8 white v-necks, and specifies what footwear we are allowed to bring. However it does not specify what socks we are expected to pack. Will we be issued all of the socks we are expected to wear during basic, or...