physical fitness

  1. VP.28

    USNA 14-Week Recommended Exercise Routine (2020)

    Now that we’re less than 3 months away from I-day, I’ve been doing this recommended routine for 3-4 weeks. I have some concerns though. I'm a tennis player, so I spend a lot of time putting stress on my shins (we don't have many clay courts around here). I'm worried that that combined with the...
  2. O

    Which academy has the best overall environment for physical training?

    To be more clear: which academy has the best gym? Rec center? Nearby trails to run? Equipment? I have lifted in the USAFA cadet gym, and it is pretty sweet, so I wanted to know how other academies stack up. Yes, I understand this is purely an opinion. This is mostly a trivial matter. I am...
  3. B

    How much should my PRT score improve over Plebe Summer?

    I'm an incoming MIDN who is curious about how much I can expect my cadence pushup count, plank time, and 1.5 mile time to improve over PS (comparing the IPRT in to the PRT administered at the end of PS).
  4. S

    I think I'm going to fail my CFA. Any advice?

    I only started looking at the West Point process in October. I had never really thought about it, but a school counselor recommended the school to me after hearing I was going into the Army. I have never been a physically fit individual. In middle school, I was clinically obese. I've made a lot...
  5. M

    CFA Workout Ideas/Routines

    Hello everyone. I am going to be a sophomore next year in high school and I just had some questions regarding the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). I have always been interested in going to the Naval Academy, probably since 8th grade. I have a pretty strong academic background, but I...