1. 2

    Validating Courses

    I just completed my sophomore year of college at an engineering school, so I have taken Calculus 1,2,3, Diff EQ, Physics 1,2, Chemistry 1,2, Statics, and Dynamics. I am hoping to test out of at least Physics, Chemistry, and all Calculus courses. I was wondering if people know any good study...
  2. K

    Physics Class

    What branch of physics is taught in the first year at USMMA? Is it mechanical physics? What are the teaching methods used? My DS (a high school senior) is currently into his 2nd semester of AP Honors Mechanical Physics having completed a non AP physics class his junior year. He is also...
  3. N

    Reason Behind NROTC Calculus&Physics Requirement?

    Hello all, The title here is fairly self-explanatory. I am a NROTC midshipman in his second year, on a 4-year scholarship contract. As someone who is not the greatest at math and science (read: calculus and calculus-based physics), I am quite worried about how NROTC will play out. My question...
  4. N

    NROTC Calc and Physics

    Hello all, I am a NROTC Midshipman about to start my first calculus class in about two months. Calc and physics are what weed out the majority of Navy-options, so I’m told. Anybody have any advice on how to finish those courses successfully? Any input would be much appreciated! PS: if you are...
  5. A

    Bad Teacher

    Hello, I am currently a sophomore in high school and am interested in applying to USAFA next year. I am planning on taking honors physics, which is the most advanced physics class I can take as a junior. There is only one teacher for this class, and have heard that he is a very bad teacher. I...
  6. cama93

    AP Computers or Physics?

    Hello all, I am going to be a senior next year (class of 2022 for a service academy, hopefully) and I am filling out my classes for next year. I have read that being proficient in computers is necessary for an academy regardless of your major, so I planned to take AP Computer Science next year...
  7. 2

    USNAvUSAFA -must decide which to attend in FOUR days - PLEASE HELP!!

    Alright, so I am currently deliberating my decision between USNA and USAFA, which has to be made very promptly (5/1/16), and today is 4/27/16. I'll be honest in saying I'm still very in between on this. At this point I've figured out that my experience at either Academy will be great and I...