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    Plan B

    I am trying to stay realistic about my chances and have an actionable "plan B." Currently, my GPA is a 3.2 (chem crushed me this year) cumulative 1250 SAT. I am entering senior year hoping to get a tiny GPA boost from some easier APs like government and lang-comp. I feel like my relatively low...
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    Tips on Staying Hopeful While Waiting on a Decision and General Advice Requested.

    Hey y'all! Today marks the 385th day since I started my '26 application and 50 days since I submitted it (I was granted a month long extension for a CFA retake, and improved majorly.) It is now April and according to the instructions to candidates booklet's admissions timetable, the deadline to...
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    Any reason to put an deposit on plan b?

    In the spirit of “you don’t know, what you don’t know”, is there any reason to put a deposit down for a plan b, which is a state university with a type 7 AFROTC scholarship? My DS has been accepted at USAFA and cleared by DoDMERB. Just not sure if there are anymore “hurdles” to jump but also...
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    USMMA Prep Schools

    When is the best time to let admissions know you are willing to accept a sponsored prep school appointment? Shouldl you do it while you are on the NWL or wait for a decision for USMMA acceptance or decline? Don't want to jump the gun.
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    Plan B?

    Saw an interesting post on the USNA forum and thought it would be great to pass the time waiting for USAFA appointments. I would love to know what all of these amazing candidates have as Plan B options! My DS has a type 7 AFROTC to UCONN in Mechanical Engineering so far. Still waiting on...