1. B

    No Response From PMS AROTC

    I only have my PMS interview left for my AROTC Scholarship portal. I contacted both the PMS and the Assistant PMS at my closest unit listed on my application portal and neither have responded. If I don’t get a response within another day or two, should I reach out to the officers at the next...
  2. R

    AROTC PMS Interview

    I have recently been moved to PMS interviewee status and was wondering where I should schedule my interview. My top schools are Stanford, Duke, and Vanderbilt. I do not live near any of these schools and was wondering if I should schedule my interview with someone whose school I’m not applying...
  3. A

    PMS interview was blunt... Thoughts?

    Had my AROTC interview this morning with the local PMS. He was very blunt and asked many “gotcha” questions and I knew he was just trying to see how I respond to being drilled with quick questions. However I am somewhat concerned with the fact I was not asked any questions about my character...
  4. I

    Can the PMS influence the university on an applicant's acceptance to the university?

    My son is currently boarded for an AROTC scholarship. He has applied to several universities and is awaiting acceptances from them. Can the PMS of the universities contact the admissions department and provide support for his application? If so, is it worth the effort to reach out to the PMS at...
  5. cama93

    ROTC PMS interview

    Hi everyone, I recently did my Professor of Military Science interview for Army ROTC. If any of you have any questions about it, I am ready to answer them! I also did my interview over Skype (first ever interview via this medium) so if you know you are going to have it that way as well I can...
  6. A

    Timing an Interview

    Hello everyone, I'm an applicant for the 4 year AROTC Scholarship, have an interview question. Is it a set rule everything must be uploaded and have to have interviewee status to interview with PMS? I'm trying to make it for the first board, the problem is, my school is having problems...