1. un_pajaro

    To wait for ACT testing for preliminary application or no?

    Hello, been lurking around here before but made an account just now. I am applying for class of 2028, and in the preliminary application I noticed that the standardized testing is optional. I already have ACT tests scheduled in the summer, so I am wondering if I should wait for the ACT tests to...
  2. MichaelW22

    Prelim App

    I applied to NASS but was denied, I have a 4.3 GPA and reported my 1380 PSAT scores on the NASS app. Now that it was submitted as a prelim app, should I email USNA my newest SAT (1450) to maximize my chances as becoming an official applicant? Am I even allowed to update my prelim app? Thanks!
  3. J

    USNA preliminary application question; Class of 2022

    I have applied to the USNA summer seminar, so that means I have sent in my preliminary application. I would like to know the status of that, but I never received login information to access that. How do I find out my login info if I have not yet received anything about it. Thank you in advanced!
  4. U

    USNA Preliminary Application: SAT and ACT Scores?

    Hello everyone, I know this may have been answered previously, but have not yet been able to find the exact answer I have been searching for. So, I am a junior in H.S and and ready to send in my preliminary application to the Naval Academy. The app asks for my highest SAT and ACT scores. What do...