USNA preliminary application question; Class of 2022


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Mar 1, 2017
I have applied to the USNA summer seminar, so that means I have sent in my preliminary application. I would like to know the status of that, but I never received login information to access that. How do I find out my login info if I have not yet received anything about it. Thank you in advanced!
You will get an email with your log in information for the portal in a couple of months. What you can do right now is start to line up the teachers you will need for letters of recommendation and look at the dates your nomination applications open. Also look to see if your congressman or senator has an academy day you can attend to get more information and possibly meet your Blue and Gold Officer.
Keep in mind that not everyone who submits a preliminary application receives access to the portal to complete their application. Your application will only be opened for you if USNA deems you competitive.
Great questionn, I was wondering the same thing. DS applied for NASS...will they send a decline email if not accepted to NASS or just the Ecandidate email if competitive?
Last year my DS received an email notification on 15-Apr that he was not accepted for NASS and received an email notification on 06-May that he was a USNA candidate.