1. N

    Current M/C at Naval Academy Preparatory School happy to answer any questions!

    I am currently attending NAPS with the class of 2018. I know while I was applying and when I got accepted to NAPS I had a lot of questions no one seemed to be able to answer. There's also a lack of information about NAPS on the web. So if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them!
  2. M

    Currently Enlisted...need opinions on stats

    Hello, I am currently enlisted (hit my one year mark this past October) and have taken a keen interest in applying to the Academy. I heard about the LEAD program from a friend and felt inclined to apply; with this being a service academy, I know the competition will be fierce, so I am much more...
  3. JHeroldCC

    Looking to see how competitive of a candidate I am to USAFA Prep school.

    First off thank you to this site and the people who have helped out so far. I finished and submitted my USAFA application in late December; however, I did not receive a congressional nomination. I understand this will not allow me to have the chance at an appointment into the Academy. I am very...