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    Current Service applicant for class of 2029/2030, commander nomination issue and academics

    Hi all, I am a currently serving reservist on active orders interested in West Point. While I am currently applying for class of 2029, an upcoming deployment may or may not bump me to apply for class of 2030. An issue arises with my commander nomination. My current unit commander has been...
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    Enlisted to West Point

    I am looking for some insight from Soldier applicants who gained direct admission to USMA. Some background: I had an unimpressive ACT score (28), HS GPA and class rank (3.4, probably around the 50 percentile class rank). Enlisted in the Army NG, flipped the switch and started crushing my...
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    LEAD Program C/O 2024 Thread

    Here is a thread for the Enlisted Airmen who are applying for USAFA or USAFPS and entering 2020. Using this thread, we can help each other out with questions, issues, and other knowledge. Resources CAO 25MAY2019: USAFA LEAD Page LEAD Handbook AF Form 1786 (Nomination) Instructions to...
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    Lead Program Advice

    I am currently enlisted in the Air Force and would like to attend the Air Force Academy. I arrived at my first duty station 2 months ago and I plan on submitting my lead packet within 6 months. I'm wondering whether the lead program is realistic for me and what I can do to improve my chances of...