project go

  1. C

    Project GO or Sapper School

    Would like advice or thoughts on whether one should do Project GO study abroad year 2 or 3 or Sapper School, airborne, air assault. What is more beneficial for my career? All thoughts welcome
  2. M

    Incoming Freshmen Project Go?

    Can an incoming freshman who's headed for ROTC in the fall do Project Go the summer before his freshman year? My DS is a high school senior. He got accepted by a college two days ago (George Mason). His Chinese is just a little shy of 3rd-year college level. He'd like to go with the ROTC to...
  3. D

    Project GO: Eventual Incentive Pay

    Hello, I am currently a rising MS3 Army ROTC cadet who is currently studying Beginner Level Arabic in a Project GO program. I have had a normal progression in my class, and my professor states that he believes that I should be at an Intermediate Low-Novice High Proficiency by the time my...
  4. K

    Project Go and ciet

    Hey I'm an ms2 cadet and I got accepted to an all summer long project go program, but my cadre keeps telling me I might not be able to go because of ciet, and I have to get excused by brigade to do it. What are the chances of me getting excused from ciet?
  5. Chlobear


    Hey everyone! I'm a college freshman on scholarship in AFROTC who applied for an Advanced I Chinese Program through Project GO. I took Chinese for four years in high school and I'm in college-level third year Chinese currently, hoping to potentially double major in chemistry and Chinese. I had a...