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    How much should my PRT score improve over Plebe Summer?

    I'm an incoming MIDN who is curious about how much I can expect my cadence pushup count, plank time, and 1.5 mile time to improve over PS (comparing the IPRT in to the PRT administered at the end of PS).
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    PRB for PRT

    I’m a 4/C MIDN on scholarship and failed my official PRT run portion by 9 seconds, failing is still failing. I may have a PRB if I cannot retake the test, any insight on how these work or what to do. I’m not nervous because I’m accountable for what I’ve done and will fix it before the next cycle.
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    NROTC Scholarship Activation

    Question, in order to activate the 4 year national scholarship, do I have to pass my inventory PRT at the beginning of the year?