pt test

  1. C

    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    My MSG just told our MSIII class that the PT test for OML record at camp this coming summer will be the ACFT. This is the first time I am hearing this information. Has anyone heard anything on this?
  2. R

    AROTC Physical Fitness Assessment Question

    I know PE teacher, NCO, Commissioned Officer, and Coach can administer the APFT. But in terms of coach, does it strictly have to be a high school coach? Or can it be some sort of athletic coach? I do TaeKwonDo (not school coach) and my master is a 6th degree black belt who would like to...
  3. B

    VMI Ratline & PT

    What are some of the specific exercises that VMI Cadre make rats do during the ratline? How many reps and how many sets? How often? How can I best prepare in terms of muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance before I matriculate this fall? Would maxing out my VMI Fitness Test or APFT help...
  4. C

    New Army PT Test (ACFT)

    Woah... The ACFT will be fully activated by October, 2020.
  5. Atozonder

    Advice on Application/Preparation - USAFA

    I am currently a junior in high school, and have decided that I am going to be applying the the Air Force Academy over the upcoming year. I'm looking for advice and a couple clarifications for certain aspects of this... to start, my highlights are: -All A's and B's in high school so far, never...
  6. R

    What is a good Army Scholarship ROTC PT test?

    Hi Guys, I am applying for a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I recently took my Presidential Fitness Test. My scores were: 1 mile run: 5:10 1 min Pushups: 64 1 min sit ups: 70 Ive heard the fitness test is worth 150 points for the whole person score, is that true? If so, what are max scores?
  7. MissO

    Questions about Army Scholarship Requirements

    Hey everyone! I have some questions regarding requirements for winning an Army ROTC Scholarship. They are not academic requirement questions, but rather questions based around body fat measurements and the PT Test. 1) I am in the process of losing remaining fat on my stomach area, I have about...