1. FØB Zero

    Ranking universities

    Hello, For AROTC I decided to rank Dartmouth as my #1 choice for uni. My #2-5 choices are state schools. Since Dartmouth is so competitive and a reach for me, if I get the AROTC scholarship, but do NOT get acceptance to my #1 school am I still obliged to apply the scholarship to that school? (In...
  2. disd00dtho

    How much does gpa matter if there's no class rank?

    Hi all, So my high school doesn't have class ranks (the entire school district doesn't use them). How much does my GPA matter because of this? My GPA isn't that great (3.6 weighted) but I took the hardest classes at my high school (ie calc BC) and did well on standardized tests such as the APs...
  3. S

    Class Rank Help - USNA Summer Seminar Application

    Hi, I am currently a junior high school student attending Pine View School, which is a magnet school for accelerated students. Obviously, this type of school refuses to rank its students, and has only provided me with a decentile. This is where things are starting to trouble me. I have 4.5...
  4. Maverick19

    Cadet Class Ranking

    So I've been browsing the forum looking for a definitive answer as to what exactly factors into your class ranking as a cadet outside of GPA and PT scores. I know there is weight on extracurricular activities, volunteering, and sports but I was hoping someone could outline it on here. I was...
  5. D

    How much does my act help?

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. My school doesn't rank students, and the Gpa scale is very strange. Ive heard that westpoint doesn't look at gpa as much as Class rank, but because my school doesn't rank, how would WP analyze my academics? I would assume that they would just look at my act...