How much does my act help?


Oct 9, 2016
Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. My school doesn't rank students, and the Gpa scale is very strange. Ive heard that westpoint doesn't look at gpa as much as Class rank, but because my school doesn't rank, how would WP analyze my academics? I would assume that they would just look at my act score, and compare it on a national level. Does anyone know? By the way, do you think these act stats are good enough? I plan to take it again.
Composite 28.5 -> 29
English- 26
Math - 30
Reading - 31
Science - 27
Writing - 7/12

Thanks again!
I have heard this question asked to admissions officials, and the reply was that ACT scores would be looked at more heavily if your school does not rank.
I was just at a visit weekend and admissions talked about this, they said that they would ask your counselor to just rank you in your school and it would be private, if they refused to do that then west point would rank you nationally. Usually that rank is lower than if your counselor were to rank you. My school does not rank also so this is what my counselor did and I still don't know what my rank is, so its kept very private.
In the absence of a class rank, USMA will build a class rank based on test scores. Essentially, your test score becomes much more important.

I believe an ACT 29 (under old ACT) is top 10%. Not sure if that has changed with change in test. Whether or not this benefits you depends on the competitiveness of your school.

Unfortunately, schools chase college rankings that pay too much attention to GPA and class rank, numbers that are meaningless without a corresponding quantitative adjustment for strength of school.