1. Enlisted_Programmer

    Mistake or Awesome Tangent to Pilot

    So I was an idiot (own words) to think I'd never regret not doing my rated physical at USAFA. I've always seemed to have a different path than others who end up on the same road though. So my situation is below. If any cadets are at USAFA reading this, do the rated physical! They will not force...
  2. M

    Did I miss the chance to go rated?

    I'm a 300 level (Junior in college) cadet in AFROTC. I graduated field training in the top 3rd with a rated slot but ultimately told my commander that I wanted to do engineering so I didn't actually go for a rated position. As rated boards are coming out, I am regretting not going for it. While...
  3. M

    AFROTC Non-Rated Board 2018-2019

    Does anyone have any info about the timeline of the non-rated board for the Class of 2019 commissioning class?
  4. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Majors

    If I put General Studies, Comp. Sci, and Meteorology on my AFROTC app, will I still get "priority" since meteorology is on there, or will I be considered a "non-tech" applicant? Also, does anyone know if doing one of the "most needed" majors (i.e. Meteorology, Nuc. Physics, etc.) is a good idea...
  5. SqwincherSquad

    2017 AFROTC Rated Selection Thread

    A place for the class of 2018 Cadets who are going up for the rated boards this February to share statistics, drop dates, advice and more. Feel free to post any questions as well! Good luck to all those Pilot, CSO, RPA, ABM hopefuls!