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    DODMERB kyphosis waiver process- advice needed!

    Hello all, I am planning on attending CU Boulder on a 4 year AROTC scholarship starting this coming fall. I am currently in the remedial process for 58 degree, pain-free kyphosis. I talked to DoDMERB yesterday and they said that there is no chance the waiver will be reviewed/granted by the time...
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    DODMERB Rebuttal Process

    I am going to file for a rebuttal since my waivers got denied I am going to include: -Personal Statement -Multiple Medical reviews that include Ihy i should stay in ROTC and why the condition does not affect military service is there anything else i should include
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    DoDMERB Rebuttal or Retraction of statement

    My son is currently a college sophomore in AFROTC and has recently completed the DoDMERB. He's passed the eye exam for pilot and has passed the physcal fitness test. He has been selected for a rated slot for field training this summer. However, he said he may need to get a waiver because...