1. A

    Female Hair Standard?

    I am having trouble with trying to figure out my hair for Iday. I am a female, and my hair is curly and frizzy, and is cut just below my collar, so I can neither put it in a bun nor wear it loose. My hair naturally exceeds 3" from my scalp. Any advice?
  2. T

    Army ROTC Medical Questions

    I’m a sophomore in college right now and I was planning on joining the ROTC. My plan was to take a year off college, enlist in the regular army first, and then join the ROTC as an SMP. (I know that you don’t have to enlist beforehand but I want to do it.) So the problem is that recently I was...
  3. F

    In Reg Tattoo

    Hi all For my 18th birthday I am considering getting a small US Flag tattoo on my ribcage. I checked current Marine and NROTC policies and the tattoo is in regs. Does anyone know if I need to notify NROTC about tattoos that are within regulations? My OSO doesn’t seem to check his email and I’m...
  4. V

    Recent KP developments concrning SASH

    If you have not read the recent April 2018 posts over on the Kings Point Sentry, it is rather eye opening.
  5. Maplerock

    Should regulation be the same for all?

    Another thread inspired this. It asked should girls bring hair dryers to BCT?. You won't see parents of males asking that. Hair for females has consistently been allowed to be longer over the past 15 years. This thread is just food for thought, not meant to inflame. Recently a push has been...