remedial process

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    Remedial Help

    Good Afternoon All, My DoDMERB file says, "Correspondence Posted - Remedial(s) with clin Remedial(s)" and for each academy below, it says, "Current Medical Status: Awaiting Receipt of Remedial." Does anyone know if this means that my Remedial is on file and going to be under review? Or does...
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    High ALT on blood test

    Hey all! I recently turned in a blood test that had slightly elevated levels of ALT. Everywhere I research, I cannot find any mention of ALT in military regulations so I was wondering if anyone also had high ALT or other liver enzymes, and if so, what was your experience? Thank you
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    DoDMERB Remedials

    Hello everyone, DoDMERB was pretty quick requesting remedials! I hope that they will continue how quick they have been when it comes to evaluating my remedials. Abbreviated TL: 30 MAR 2019- Exam received and entered into the system. 01 APR 2019- Date Exam Reviewed 02 APR 2019- Date letter...
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    How bad are my chances hurt at USNA 2023?

    After over 4 weeks of waiting for DODMERB to update my account after they received my exams, I got back that I was not medically qualified but that a remedial was requested for hospital records about when I was very sick and was told that I might have meningitis. The doctor said that I possibly...
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    physical exam-remedial request chances for a "yes" on the questionaire

    Hello. My son is due to take his physical in three days for the US Coast Guard Academy. He filled out the Dodmerb questionaire and had a single "yes" for "bone or joint injury". He had a groin pull where the muscle pulled away from the bone in June of 2014. He required no...