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    USAFA 'Partial' Nomination

    Long story short, I had received a nomination from my representative however, I just received a letter from one of my senators saying that if my representative had NOT nominated me, he would have nominated me. Is this letter something I should make aware to the academy and does it even look...
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    Multiple SA nomination requests

    Hi all, Hope this question hasn't been addressed yet. We are little confused in requesting nomination for a multiple SAs. We plan to request nomination from 2 Senators and 1 Representative. However, one of the Nomination Request form from one Senator's office instructs to check only one SA...
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    Contacting my Field Force Representative

    First, a West Point Cadet held a meeting a Gibbons to talk about West Point life etc. and he said to contact your Field Force Representative as well as your regional admissions team. I want to do this to get my name out there but I'm not sure what the best way is to do this. I am currently in my...
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    Nominations For More Than One SA

    If I were interested in applying to more than one SA, is it possible to get nominations for more than one academy from my district representative? I understand it may vary by individual, but is this a common practice, and does anyone have experience with this?