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    2026 State Nominations Thread

    Does anyone have experience applying for a nomination with Sen. Feinstein? There is mixed information. Some places it says to email all information and others it asks for USPS mail. We just want to be sure to get it right.
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    USAFA 'Partial' Nomination

    Long story short, I had received a nomination from my representative however, I just received a letter from one of my senators saying that if my representative had NOT nominated me, he would have nominated me. Is this letter something I should make aware to the academy and does it even look...
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    Multiple SA nomination requests

    Hi all, Hope this question hasn't been addressed yet. We are little confused in requesting nomination for a multiple SAs. We plan to request nomination from 2 Senators and 1 Representative. However, one of the Nomination Request form from one Senator's office instructs to check only one SA...
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    Contacting my Field Force Representative

    First, a West Point Cadet held a meeting a Gibbons to talk about West Point life etc. and he said to contact your Field Force Representative as well as your regional admissions team. I want to do this to get my name out there but I'm not sure what the best way is to do this. I am currently in my...
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    Nominations For More Than One SA

    If I were interested in applying to more than one SA, is it possible to get nominations for more than one academy from my district representative? I understand it may vary by individual, but is this a common practice, and does anyone have experience with this?