Sep 19, 2018
First, a West Point Cadet held a meeting a Gibbons to talk about West Point life etc. and he said to contact your Field Force Representative as well as your regional admissions team. I want to do this to get my name out there but I'm not sure what the best way is to do this. I am currently in my Sophomore year of High School at a difficult school that puts someone into the academy every year.

Second, I went to West Point's football camp the summer after my Freshman year and I won my position for the underclassmen (kicker/punter). The Special Teams Coach gave me his phone number which shows his interest and I wanted some advice on how to use this contact to my advantage in the admission process.
Reaching out via email to your FFR worked best for me. He or she will likely happily schedule a time to meet or speak with you and give you advice on your file. I did this in October of my junior year and was considered early—keep in mind they are occupied with the Class of 2023 and now the Class of 2024. If you become a recruited athlete you will have a separate admissions liaison to help you through the process as well. It doesn’t hurt to show initiative now but know that you, as Class of 2025 (?) will be low in the priority list.

I played premier lacrosse for a lot of years and know a bit about the recruiting process—the best thing you can do is to stay in contact with the coach. Let them know when you’ve had success on the field and off the field (when notable, not 24/7) and how interested you are in their program. Continue going to all of their camps if you are financially and physically able to. As with any point of contact, showing initiative will get you far. Especially if USMA is your #1 school, you should make that a big priority. Keeping on the coaches’ radar is extremely important in recruiting.
Thanks, do you know who the liaison is for recruiting? Also good to know I'm still a little early in the process.
Thanks, do you know who the liaison is for recruiting? Also good to know I'm still a little early in the process.

Found here: https://www.westpoint.edu/admissions/contact-admissions-team/recruited-athletes

CPT Owen Tolson
Recruited Athlete / Congressional Liason Officer
(845) 938-5723

I'm not familiar with the West Point-specific process as to whether or not this will be your liaison right from the start or if you'll have to officially be recruited. I'd start by keeping up contact with the coaching staff and talking to your Field Force Representative.