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    Good enough ACT scores to be considered for a NROTC scholarship?

    Composite: 32 Math: 35 Science: 35 Reading: 31 English: 26 My intended major is Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering.
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    4 Year Math requirements

    Hello, I'm currently a Junior in highschool and I had a few questions regarding the math requirements for applying to the USAFA. The official admissions page says it recommends a strong background in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Precalculus. However, the route I took is a little...
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    Dent panorex and bite wing radiographs

    Am I correct that According to the instructions on the portal, it looks like all those who have been accepted into the USMA class of 2026 have to get 1 Panorex and 4 Dental bite wings sent to the USMA before May 15th. Do we go to our own dentists for that? My dentist is telling me I’d have...
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    Nomination process

    Hello all! I am currently a junior applying to the USMA next year and I am curious about how the nomination process works... Can someone explain to me how to apply for a nomination process, how it works, and how the competitiveness of the nomination reflects an individual's chance of...