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  1. vinyljaheemglasgow

    ARMY & NAVY ROTC R&B Incentives

  2. I

    Room and Board Stipend - Naval ROTC

    Hello, This is not a question about if the NROTC scholarship covers room and board. I am a second class and selected the Room and Board option for the scholarship delivery. Has this been distributed to anyone yet? Last semester I got mine on the first pay period after the 45 day mark, but that...
  3. N

    Room and Board and Financial Aid

    Hi all! So I received the 4 year NROTC scholarship and will be placed at the University of Virginia. Room and Board is not covered by this school, but I did receive financial aid money from the school as they go off your parents income. However, they have not entered my NROTC scholarship yet...
  4. J

    ROTC Questions

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding ROTC that I have been wondering. I'd be happy with any answer to any (or all) of the questions: 1. What does one do differently going in "non-contracted" as opposed to contract? 2. Does one just sign up for the two military science classes...
  5. Alaska Army ROTC

    Arctic Elite

    Have you ever thought of joining an ROTC program? How about joining an ROTC program in one of the toughest environments on earth? If so, the University of Alaska is for you. We are looking for qualified applicants to join our program. Wether you are a national ROTC scholarship recipient or...
  6. P

    Will some schools throw in Room and Board if you apply your scholarship to their school?

    I was super thankful to be awarded an ROTC scholarship last week. If I understand correctly, ROTC pays the schools that you get accepted into the full cost of tuition. So... I've heard that it makes sense for many schools to throw in room and board to get you to come to their school. Any tips on...