rotc appointments

  1. U

    ROTC-Scholarship Questions

    Hello all, I am interested in Army ROTC program for my local college, but I am confused on how the application process for this works. I am also applying to WP. Would any of you mind explaining how ROTC applications work (for high schoolers). 1. Do I apply to the SA and ROTC program...
  2. L

    ROTC applications that become nominations

    Does anyone know how many ROTC nomination applications put in by the Battalion PMS actually become nominations? I know there are 20 slots allotted to ROTC appointments, but I am wondering how many people get the nominations. I first received a letter on my portal stating that West Point had...
  3. azmilmom

    Any idea how many USMA ROTC appointments awarded historically?

    All, Wondering if there is data anywhere showing the number of appointments offered to ROTC nominated candidates? I have searched online but can't find anything and I seem to recall seeing it somewhere either here or online. USNA's brochure has the number of nominations from each source but I...