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    4 year MMI from state Ambassador

    My son has been given a 4yr scholarship for the MMI from our State Ambassador. Is currently attending The Citadel freshman. We have been waiting from day1 on a medical wavier to get approved and we finally got it. I have been paying all this time and now we have the approved medical and he was...
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    Advice and Switching from NROTC to ROTC

    Hello. I'm a freshman and MIDN 4/C in university currently on a 4-year NROTC Scholarship. My intended major (Public Affairs and History) has absolutely nothing to do with STEM and I have zero interest in calculus and physics; when I realized that I must complete certain calculus and physics...
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    How badly does sports hurt your AROTC scholarship application?

    Hello, I've been using this site the past few months through my process and it's been of great help for my applications. I'd say I'm academically a good student, but lack in the athletics. I got a 1430 on my SAT and have a 3.7GPA. I'm also the Vice President of the Honor Society at my school...
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    I need some ROTC help/advice concerning the national scholarship and uc Berkeley

    I won the national award for a 3 year army ROTC scholarship at several schools. At this point in time, it looks like I will be deciding to attend UC Berkeley, with George Washington University as a runner up. I am unsure as what I would like to do in the future, but I am very interested in...
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    Talking to multiple PMS?

    I’m an AROTC scholarship applicant and I have already submitted my PMS interview. However, I would like to get in touch with other PMS at my top schools in order for me to get to know their program and, more importantly, for them to get to know me. Is this something applicants do, or would I be...
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    Army ROTC 4-Year vs. NROTC ISR

    Hello all, I have received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship to Princeton, MIT, and Cornell. I have also received a NROTC ISR scholarship (to any NROTC school I think), and I'm waiting on my AFROTC HSSP scholarship decisions to come out on 12/23. I have to accept/decline my Army ROTC scholarship...
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    Coming to ROTC from abroad

    Hello everyone! I live in Jinja, Uganda with my parents, who are missionaries. so therefore we dont have enough money for me to come back to the US until soon before university starts, and I want to do ROTC. I have no idea the best way to do this, and I was hoping for some insight! Thank you!
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    ROTC-Scholarship Questions

    Hello all, I am interested in Army ROTC program for my local college, but I am confused on how the application process for this works. I am also applying to WP. Would any of you mind explaining how ROTC applications work (for high schoolers). 1. Do I apply to the SA and ROTC program...
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    Personal Questions Regarding ROTC

    Hey guys, I'm looking to enroll in ROTC in the college I'm going to however I'm just concerned as a non-scholarship what are my chances of getting a contract into active-duty? Does anyone have a rough estimate to what the retention rate is for MS2, MS3, MS4? Do a lot of people drop out? And if...