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  1. C

    ROTC - DoDMERB Tree Nut Allergy Waiver Concern

    Hey everyone, I have seen threads similar to my question, but not exactly the same as mine. I received a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I am currently going back and forth with DoDMERB about waivers and medical history and all of the things I am sure you all are aware of. My current status...
  2. J

    Waiver for AROTC vs. West Point

    Yesterday my son was notified that he was a winner of an Army ROTC scholarship. Also yesterday (2o minutes later!) he was notified that his medical waiver for West Point was denied. One of his legs is longer than the other and he wears orthotics to correct. He still has a waiver request...
  3. cksigranger

    Dodmerb Connection not Private

    I just received an email saying that the DoDMERB has received my medical exam. It also states that I should go to their website and create an account to follow the status of my exam. I looked it up and it says that my connection is not private and there are...