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    Any workout routines for CFA?

    Hello, is there any routine that anyone followed a comprehensive routine program for CFA for basketball throw, shuttle run, pull up, pushup, situp and 1 mile run? I want to develop a weekly workout schedule structured around the CFA. Tips appreciated.
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    Double majors

    How would doubling majors affect daily life at AFA? It would require taking extra classes, and would make me busier between that and regular training, correct? Is it manageable, or is it something rarely done by AFA cadets?
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    Workout Plan for AROTC

    Hi, I will be entering AROTC this fall as a non-scholarship cadet. I'm trying to prepare for the fall; however, I cannot make a solid workout routine and end up doing sporadic and ineffective workouts. This is partially because I don't know how to tailor a workout to my needs and end up making...