1. P

    Dodmerb schedual deadline

    Hi, I was contaced by Dodmerb a little less then two months ago to get my medical exams done. I did the online suvey as soon as I got the email, but with holdiays and finals coming up I waited on setting up the actually exams. This morning I was going checking my inbox and saw that 12 days ago I...
  2. xxmetal

    Senior Class Schedule

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out my class schedule for next year. I am a Senior in High School and need to bring my chances of admission as high as the can be. I think I remember reading/hearing somewhere that the USAFA requires that all applicants have taken at least one computer class...
  3. farewelltoforeignshores24

    Scheduling for Freshman Year

    It's the future candidate again, and it's finally time to schedule classes for my freshman year. This might be a long post, but I'd enjoy some opinions. My school offers three diploma types, other than the Indiana General Degree, which is pretty low... 36 credits I think. I have decided to take...