1. M

    Keeping ROTC Scholarship

    Hi, I have an Army ROTC Scholarship but I'm afraid I will loose it. I am hopeful I can keep it above a 2.0 but what happens if I don't? Do I have to pay back the tuition for the previous semester(s)? Thank you,
  2. J

    In College Scholarships

    Hello, Like the high school scholarships for AFROTC, do you need a certain SAT score to apply for in college scholarships once you’re in the program? Thanks, J
  3. P

    How do tuition payments work with my AROTC scholarship?

    From all that I've heard, I don't receive any funds from the army until after my first semester of school? How does this work with a four-year AROTC scholarship? Does the Army back pay that first semester? Will my parents have to cover the first semester out of pocket (at least initially before...
  4. M

    AROTC Scholarships 2nd/3rd Board

    Hi, all. My DS is a pretty good candidate for the scholarship. Not great (wasn't the captain of anything), but pretty good (smart as heck, very high SATs, interviews well, excellent fitness.) So, we're hopeful about the 2nd board (early February). But what if he doesn't make the cut? I ask...
  5. Maplerock

    Was an academy your first choice?

    If you have a DD or DS in an academy or A ROTC program... (Or if you are enrolled in either)