AROTC Scholarships 2nd/3rd Board


Dec 17, 2017
Hi, all. My DS is a pretty good candidate for the scholarship. Not great (wasn't the captain of anything), but pretty good (smart as heck, very high SATs, interviews well, excellent fitness.) So, we're hopeful about the 2nd board (early February). But what if he doesn't make the cut? I ask because if DS doesn't win the scholarship, then university isn't going to be affordable and we need to get going with plan B: local community college, a job, and the Reserves.

Given that a lot of winners are selected in the 3rd board, should we remain guardedly optimistic about DS's chances on the 3rd board if he doesn't make the cut on the 2nd? Or is not making the cut on the 2nd board an indication that the candidate isn't cutting the mustard? I guess it's a statistical question. What percentage of 2nd board misses go on to win the scholarship on the 3rd board? A tiny fraction? Or a lot?

Happy New Year!
In recent years, AROTC was awarding about 2500 total national scholarships each year. Roughly 600 4 year and 1900 3 year. Typically around 300 4 year scholarships were awarded on first board, with approximately 300 4 year and approximately 600 3 year on 2nd board, with the remaining 1300 3 year on 3rd board. These are all approximate numbers, and there are cases where a few 4 year scholarships are awarded on the 3rd board. I don't know about the percentages you asked about, but I'd say hang in there. Your DS may not get the 4 year scholarship, but the 3 year is almost as good and is prestigious!

Best of luck and "thanks" for your DS' willingness to serve!