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    NROTC Acceptance & Scholarship Questions

    I am applying to the Naval Academy, Airforce Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Merchant Marine Academy. However, I recently was awarded a scholarship that pays full tuition at Notre Dame valued at $240,000 ($60,000 a year in tuition). At this point, I have guaranteed admission to Notre Dame with...
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    Graduate School Directly After College/NROTC

    I am interested in attending graduate school (with interests in pursuing either a MPP, MPA, or MGA) right after I complete my undergraduate studies and receive my commission from NROTC. I want to know what are the possibilities of the Navy allowing me to do this, and what the commonality of...
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    AROTC Scholarship and Vision Eligibility Question

    My daughter is currently a high school junior and is a member of her high school's NJROTC and she has started to put more thought into joining Army ROTC in college, as it is what is offered at her top choices. However, her vision in her left eye isn't great. As a child she suffered from...