scholarship transfer

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    AFROTC Type 1 CICS Scholarship Questions

    Hello all! I am a college freshman that just finished up my first year and yesterday I received word that I was selected for a type 1 AFROTC CICS (commanders in-college scholarship). I had a meeting with my detachment's NCO's but I didn't get all of my questions answered because they weren't...
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    Transfer Requests

    Does anyone know if Army CC will process scholarship transfer requests as they are received or if they wait until after the results of the third board? Thanks for any help!
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    Question about ROTC scholarship transfer

    My DD was awarded 3-year scholarships to 3 of her top 4 school choices: George Mason (1st choice), Penn State - Erie (Behrend) (2nd choice), and James Madison (4th choice). Her 3rd choice was Penn State - University Park. She had Penn State- Erie higher on her list because we weren't absolutely...