service time

  1. navy/airforce-hopeful man

    How is my plan for re-application?

    Hello everyone! I've shared my plan for the next year with my BGO and I plan on getting in contact with an admissions officer to talk about it with them too, but I thought I might run my re-application plan by here for any of you who care to read it. Life - I don't plan on attending college...
  2. C

    Marine to USMA?

    Hey, I was curious about: Is it possible to go from Marines to West Point? Also, if it's not possible, do I keep my time when switching from USMC to Army? I am not yet enlisted into the Marines, but I know I want to be one, however, I also want to go to college afterwards, but I've heard and...
  3. F

    Service Hours

    Hi, I am planning on tutoring at-risk students and helping them stay away from drugs, gang activity, etc. and perhaps volunteering at local animal shelters. I hope to have 400 hours by the time I graduate high school (100 hours per year is my goal - don't know if it's too lofty). My question is...
  4. tommyboy44

    Question about Service Hours

    Hi, this is a question for current or past midshipmen, or anyone who knows how big a part of the application process service hours are. Basically, I am wondering how much an applicants service time affects their application and what is a decent amount. I have about 400-ish right now (give or...