Service Hours


Oct 8, 2015

I am planning on tutoring at-risk students and helping them stay away from drugs, gang activity, etc. and perhaps volunteering at local animal shelters. I hope to have 400 hours by the time I graduate high school (100 hours per year is my goal - don't know if it's too lofty). My question is how should I keep track of these hours? Write them down somewhere with signatures to "prove" I did the work?
Keep contact info for facilitators of all volunteer experiences. I had 700 hours at the time of my nomination interview. 400 should not be too difficult.
I do not know of any SA or University that requires documentation or service hours. You high school or high school NHS may have documentation requirements. You may also want to consider working towards a The President's Volunteer Service Award which would require documentation.
I would keep a log of your volunteer hours and a list of contacts for each organization this way you can always go back and get documentation if required.