1. E

    USMA or Notre Dame ROTC?

    For a while now, I have been bouncing back and forth between whether I should go to USMA or Notre Dame for ROTC. I really like both schools, and I would probably study Political Science either way. I just really don't know which one to choose. I won an ROTC scholarship to Notre Dame, so money...
  2. Paul111

    I Need Help with My Decision: USNA or Civilian College

    Hi all, I have to make my college decision by tomorrow at midnight. I'm between USNA and an elite business program at the University of Cincinnati (where I live). I've called, emailed, and spoken with dozens of different people (current students, grads, respected adults, friends) trying to make...
  3. ktnatalk

    Be Safe, Love Mom

    Just saw this hardcover book in MidStore for $20.95. Paperback on Amazon is $11.40. Anyone read it and wouldn't mind commenting?
  4. U

    Community Service

    I was wondering how many community service hours would be enough for the USNA. I know it's technically not a requirement to have x amount of hours, but what is recommended?