sle session 2

  1. S

    CFA Improvement help

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a Junior and I got accepted into Session 2 of SLE. I want to hopefully get a super good CFA score at SLE so I don't have to take it again. I do a practice CFA every other week and my sit-up, push-up, and mile has been steadily improving but mainly my basketball throw...
  2. L

    Anyone going from NASS to SLE?

    My son will be leaving NASS Session A, 6/6-9, and flying to SLE Session 2, 6/10-16. Wondering if anyone else is making that trip?
  3. Therese_In_Denver

    Any SLE Session 2 Parents finding Insta or Twitter locations for photos?

    At NASS last week, there was a flurry of information about and links to Instagram and Twitter locations of photos taken by the squad leaders. Is there something like that for SLE and we are just not finding them? Thank you!!