Any SLE Session 2 Parents finding Insta or Twitter locations for photos?

At NASS last week, there was a flurry of information about and links to Instagram and Twitter locations of photos taken by the squad leaders. Is there something like that for SLE and we are just not finding them? Thank you!!


Last year, one of my squadmates found the link to the SLE flickr folder, which had pictures from both weeks. Unfortunately don't have the link anymore, but maybe try there?


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All the SLE pictures and final video are in a google drive folder and the link to it gets emailed to you by LTC Lee
I dont know about social media but LTC Lee with Admissions emailed all the participants after week 1 with a large file of photos and video.
Thank you for that update! DS is at SLE this week and headed to NASS next. Mom will be glad to get some pics!
I had shared some of the forum tips when DS was at airport, heading to NASS. Even though tips seemed like just common sense advice (give 100% effort, don't complain, don't whine about how NASS SHOULD be running this or scheduling that, don't hit on detailer (ROFL)), they were apparently helpful. He liked the reminders that the MIDN doing most of the work are brand new to their roles, and that they are being graded/judged on everything from writing evals to whether they get their people where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. I suspect that ATTITUDE is a key to success at NASS. Those who stood out were working together to make their squad, their squad leader, their company look squared away.