1. Midwestern111

    What is it like joining AROTC your sophomore year?

    Hello all, I am planning on enlisting in the National Guard in the next few months (split option training) and I am also interested in AROTC at my school as an SMP cadet. Can anyone give me insight as to what it's like joining as a sophomore when most join as a freshman? How is being an SMP...
  2. M

    How much will my sophomore year be overlooked? Also leadership opportunities

    I just finished 1st semester and I have only one A in chinese, a B in engineering, weight honors chemistry, weighted AP euro, and my 6th period cross country, and a C in weighted precalculus. I know I'm capable of performing much better and a lot of my grades dropped over small mistakes that I...
  3. U

    Where should I improve myself?

    I've written on here before, but I've recently started up some new extra curricular activities, and got some updated test scores, so I'm wondering what else I need to do or improve on. (Also I'm homeschooled and I'm a sophomore) EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: I'm a club officer in 4H, and have...