1. Senor_

    Space Operations Major?

    Having a look at the USAFA Website and taking a look at their offered Majors, "Space Operations" can easily be seen as a grayed out option. Any information on this?? Consulting speculators, insiders, and cadets currently attending the Academy. Available here -> Majors @ USAFA
  2. A

    Aerospace Engineering

    Hello, I am a high school junior and am going to be applying to USAFA and USNA. I would like to major in aerospace engineering and was wondering which academy has a better aerospace engineering program. Also, I was wondering what types of jobs a cadet majoring in aerospace engineering...
  3. W

    What are my chances of being deployed to the middle east?

    I'm thinking about joining the air force as a space systems operations specialist and i was wondering what my chances are of being deployed to the middle east?