What are my chances of being deployed to the middle east?

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    I'm thinking about joining the air force as a space systems operations specialist and i was wondering what my chances are of being deployed to the middle east?
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    This forum is for people interested in attending a service academy, ROTC, or other commissioning source - it isn't an appropriate place to ask question regarding enlisted jobs or commitments. Try talking to a recruiter - it's their job to answer your questions.
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    Assume it's 100%.

    If that's an area of concern, reconsider enlistment.

    But if this Reddit-based information is accurate, you'll most likely remain stateside. Still, you never know. Needs of the air force and all that. You could end up anywhere.


    Base Choices
    Base choices for space operators are very limited. Nearly 70% of the career field is located in Colorado, 20% in California and the rest scattered around the US. The only overseas options are Thule, Greenland and very limited slots in Germany and Japan, but none of those are available as an initial assignment.

    There are only four options for your initial assignment out of tech school:

    • Buckley AFB, CO
    • Cape Canaveral AFS, FL
    • Schriever AFB, CO
    • Vandenberg AFB, CA
    Deployments are very rare for space operators. As you can imagine, there isn't much for us to do in the middle of the desert. When we do deploy, it is usually not related to our job such as a TCN (Third-Country National) escort, or it's working in an AOC in a place like Qatar as a space operator in theater. Many times the deployments are on a volunteer basis where they'll ask for volunteers before forcing someone to go.