standardized testing

  1. FØB Zero

    SAT/ACT Application questions

    Will super scoring hurt my application at all? My counselor recommended that I send in fewer tests to colleges, because admissions tend to look through all the scores of all the tests. I took the SAT once and my score was low. My ACT is much better and I prefer this test. Should I still work on...
  2. G

    SAT/ACT Test Scores and an AFROTC Scholarship/Commission

    Hello, Next year will, I will be beginning college as a freshman straight out of high school. I was unable to apply for an AFROTC scholarship since I couldn't meet the minimum high school GPA requirement ( I go to a very challenging prep school). My ACT scores were also too low and I don't see...
  3. Tigerplane77

    (Me again) Standardized Testing Problems Application update: During this school year I recently won a spot on Student Council Leadership Board and became the Vice-President and one of the founding members of the Mu Alpha Theta Chapter...
  4. peppypea

    Still struggling with ACT.

    My DS is everything any of the academies would want: bright, born leader, elected leader, volunteers, swimmer, outgoing, the list goes on and on and on. Academically he is #1 in his class (sometimes #2- he keeps vying with one girl!) Unfortunately, we are from a very small very rural school...