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    Applying to West Point as a college freshman.

    I am currently a freshman in college. I want to apply to West Point but I am not sure about the process as a college student. I understand that it is similar in that I will apply to be a first-year but how will I undergo the process of application to West Point? I am in my school's rotc...

    USNA majoring Question

    Is it possible to Major in Law and Legal Studies at USNA if not is it possible to be a lawyer if I forged a path as a USMC officer?
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    Cadet Taxes - Form 8880

    Looking for some advice on whether cadets can claim the "Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions" IRS Form 8880? They wouldn't qualify if ... for IRS purposes ... they are defined as a "student": meaning enrolled at a "school" which includes "technical, trade, and mechanical...
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    Soon to be graduating college student

    Hi there, I'm a soon to be graduating college student (receiving my Bachelor's) and I am highly considering joining the Air Force. I'm majoring in Adapted Physical Education. I'd like to know how my major may affect what I will do in the Air Force. I would like to end up flying "heavies", but I...