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    Summer STEM 2020

    Does anyone know until when will they release acceptances or denials for the online summer STEM 2020? Several of my friends said that they have already received emails last week confirming their acceptance to summer STEM. Since I haven't received an email yet, does that mean that I didn't get...
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    USNA summer STEM confusion

    I recently was accepted into the summer STEM program at USNA, I applied and received acceptance to session three because during the first two sessions my school year is still going on. Session 3 is the week after I get out of school and I am afraid that my school district might add more days...
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    If I don't know, should I assume?

    I'm a student that has applied to USNA and USAFA. I got accepted to both summer seminars, my blue and gold officer told me that I am an extremely competitive applicant, and I got two nominations to USNA and one to USAFA, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Should I just assume that I haven't...