1. N

    USNA Varsity Swim Team Question

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on these forums is/was on the varsity swim team at the Naval Academy, or if you know someone that is/has been on the team. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how many people walk on the swim team each year, and how many people try out for sports (If I'm...
  2. STX Patriot

    !Summer Seminar Accepted Thread!:) (Also Falcon Swim Camp)

    Hello to all! I am extremely jubilant as by chance I decided to check the Summer Seminar Application Portal Page and I had been accepted! It was strange that I did not receive an email notification so I advice everyone to check:) It presents you an "I will be attending" and "will not be...
  3. F

    Navy ROTC / Recruited Athlete

    This post contains a link to the George Washington University Athletic page where a video was created by the athletic department about my son and his journey. He was recognized because of a video he created of his Cortramid experience and he is currently the only recruited athlete that is also...
  4. B

    Sponsored Prep Swimmers

    It seems like WP is now using Fork Union as their choice prep school for swim recruits (used to be Mercersburg Academy in PA). It don't seem to be one of the more common prep schools though they do list a small PG program on their website. Online reviews and comments on the school are either...