1. sherrie

    Class of 2022 Congrats! You did it! Recognition is here

    CONGRATS to all the Cadets/ Doolies of the Class of 2022! You have stuck it out you have been giving it your all, mentally and physically since June 2018! Today starts your 48 hours of Recognition.... You have earned your Prop and Wings. It is finally here. You Got this! You have the...
  2. S

    SAT Superscored?

    I'm going to be applying for Army and Navy ROTC. I've tried many different resources but haven't seemed to find a definitive answer for if they superscore the SAT or take your best sitting. I understand that I should aim for my best either way and I have my study schedule planned out, but I...
  3. G

    Feb. ACT

    I'm taking the ACT this Saturday. Please let me know if you have any tips, especially for the Reading and Science portions. Any help is appreciated, as this is my first time taking it. There's a lot on the line. If I get a certain score, I will receive an offer of appointment. If not, I will...
  4. B

    How early can I take the TBAS?

    Hi everyone, sorry if this question has been posted before. I am new to all these forums but I tried to search as much as possible before asking. I am a 200 and I am trying to take the TBAS early so I can have the chance to take it a second time if needed before our packages are submitted junior...