Class of 2022 Congrats! You did it! Recognition is here


Jan 29, 2017
CONGRATS to all the Cadets/ Doolies of the Class of 2022!

You have stuck it out you have been giving it your all, mentally and physically since June 2018!

Today starts your 48 hours of Recognition.... You have earned your Prop and Wings. It is finally here.

You Got this! You have the mental and physical power to get through these 48 hours.

It has most likely been the toughest year of your life and now you are going to be just as proud of yourself as your parents are of you!

CONGRATS....... You are part of America's Finest Leaders.... who stick through it to give it your All!
They did it! The Class of 2022 has now been recognized! The run to the Fingers of God and back. They have their props and wings and are enjoying a much deserved dinner being able to now talk to other cadets in other squads besides having civilian clothes and all the other perks of being an upper classman. No more running on the marble etc. CONGRATS! I am thrilled and proud of them all.