1. M

    Is there an E-mail address that I can send my 5-semester transcript to for applying to the Summer Seminar?

    Is there an e-mail address that I can give to my guidance counselor that allows me to send my 5 semester transcript to USNA??
  2. B

    Offical Transcripts Pending

    How long does it typically take for the 6th semester offical transcripts to be reviewed? Furthermore, how long do the evaluation forms take to process following completion? Ie: My English Teacher hers Friday afternoon, and it's still not visible in the portal.
  3. P

    Plebe Class Prep

    So I know that USNA prefers that people who apply after graduating from high school have university college experience. However, I am only able to afford classes at community college. What is the general stance on community college candidates? I have tried my best to take a community college...
  4. birdwatcher4125

    Are Homeschoolers considered Diversity Candidates?

    Greetings Fellow Homeschoolers: I have a few questions about ‘Diversity Candidates’. Are homeschoolers (HS) still considered Diversity Candidates in the US Service Academy Admissions process? Why are HS considered Diversity Candidates (not that I’m complaining), and what does it actually...
  5. birdwatcher4125

    Homeschool Transcripts Level of Detail?

    Greetings Fellow Homeschoolers: For those homeschooled (HS) candidates and/or HS parents that were successful in achieving a LOA/Nomination to a US Service Academy, just how much detail did the Academy Admissions / Congressional Staff require for homeschool transcripts? We have seven...