Nov 14, 2018
So I know that USNA prefers that people who apply after graduating from high school have university college experience. However, I am only able to afford classes at community college. What is the general stance on community college candidates? I have tried my best to take a community college load that reflects what they might want with mostly A's, such as:

Calculus 1, and 2----A's in both
Earth/Environmental Science----A
World History 1----A
American Government----A
Biology 1----A
Spanish 1, 2, 3----B in Spanish 1 because I tested out, and 2 A's
French 1 and 2----A's
Russian 1----A

I have a lot of other credits including Aviation credits (that do not transfer well to universities) and some business classes.

In your opinion, how does this college transcript look to you for USNA admissions? What would you add or recommend? I know Chemistry and Physics are desirable, and I would take them and a lot more in the spring, except I do not think I will be around then with my active duty, unless they can work with me online.

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Jan 5, 2012
Pretty impressive performance....no matter where you go to school.

Of course, USNA "prefers" you go to 4 year college, take a strenuous STEM curriculum similar to the Plebe schedule (See the discussion in the Sticky at the top of the page..), but also recognizes that for a variety of reasons, not everyone can do that. You are correct on Chemistry and Physics, it would be helpful if you can get one or the other (Chemistry is probably preferable). Beyond that, keep up the grades, then APPLY. In your personal statement, you can explain why you went to the local community college instead of State U or Ivy league, but emphasize everythign you have done is geared for USNA prep. Good luck.