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    Medical Update

    I am in physical therapy for my knees and shoulder. It is ongoing and doc says I will recover in 6-8 weeks. Do I report this to DODMERB now, or wait until I recover and THEN report it with all the documents?
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    DoDMERB Remedials

    Hello everyone, DoDMERB was pretty quick requesting remedials! I hope that they will continue how quick they have been when it comes to evaluating my remedials. Abbreviated TL: 30 MAR 2019- Exam received and entered into the system. 01 APR 2019- Date Exam Reviewed 02 APR 2019- Date letter...
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    File Update Procedure

    I have recently been granted a leadership position in sports and an academic award, and I was wondering how exactly I should go about updating my USMA file/how my counselor could send verification of the change to USMA. Would an email to admissions be what is needed, and if not, what else should...
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    DoDMERB Status Update Unavailable

    I passed all my physical exams and qualified months ago. My status was updated and there had been no problems. However, my NROTC unit is requesting a copy of my DoDMERB completed physical exam and qualification letter. I logged in and under "View My Status", all it said was "Qualified Restricted...