1. E

    Question about UPT

    I want to be a pilot after graduating from college, but my eyesight is not good. The Air Force Academy is giving a free vision correction for students, but will Air Force give me the same treatment during the UPT course?
  2. M

    Best ROTC route for becoming a fighter pilot? (AFROTC VS NROTC)

    Hi, I plan on doing ROTC and really have my heart set on fighters, so I'm wondering if NROTC is a better choice to ensure a fighter slot because of the limited number of heavies the navy has? My understanding after talking with a family friend was that doing AFROTC will increase my chances of...
  3. F

    F-35 available from UPT after T38?

    Hello, so I just graduated, commissioned, got my pilot slot, passed flight physical, got my security clearance and am now waiting to EAD. I got two questions, One: I am curious if by the time I go to UPT (presumably starting the summer of 2019) will I be able to track F-35/F-22 directly? Or...
  4. 045mason

    UPT Base Selection

    Anyone have advice on base preference for UPT? I am leaning towards Vance but I haven't heard much about Columbus or Laughlin.
  5. A

    How long between commissioning and UPT?

    I know nothing is set in stone and that EADs vary yearly, but I was curious how long people with pilot slots are waiting between commissioning and EAD. It's tough to plan a wedding without knowing when I may leave, so any information you have helps, thanks!
  6. F

    Can I Guarantee Myself a Shot at Being a Pilot?

    Greetings all, (This is my first thread, so forgive me if I diverge from any customs or courtesies unique to this forum.) I'm a junior in high school with strong aspirations to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force, and (hopefully) a NASA astronaut at some point down the road in my career. My...
  7. M


    I honestly couldn't find where else to post this question but I am trying to apply for the Air Force UPT OTS channel. Below are all my scores, I appreciate anyone who can say if these are competitive or if they know anyone who has been selected recently with similar numbers? AFOQT Scores: 91...