UPT Base Selection

What UPT base do you want?

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Oct 13, 2016
Anyone have advice on base preference for UPT? I am leaning towards Vance but I haven't heard much about Columbus or Laughlin.
Columbus is awesome. It's close to a ton of good southern cities, humidity sucks but the weather is good for flying. Have any specific questions?
I graduated from Laughlin recently and I really enjoyed my time there. Yeah it is a bit of a drive from San Antonio but all UPT bases are somewhat removed from major cities. The town is always getting bigger and better. The weather is great for flying. The training is great. Most people have been finishing UPT early there unlike Vance which I hear is pretty backed up. Lake Amistad is hands down the best part of Del Rio. We would rent pontoon and speed boats from the base marina all the time and have great times out on the water. Austin is always an option for the weekend, and that is a really fun city.